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2023 Resident Card
For Okanogan County Residents

Residents of Okanogan County are welcome to join our Resident Card which provides up to 40% off green fees, buddy passes, and the ability to compete in tournaments including our first-ever Gamble Sands Club Championship!

• 40% off Sands Course green fees any day of the week when booked within 5-days

• 15% off Sands Course green fees any day of the week when booked 6-30 days in advance

• One free round of golf on Quicksands Par 3 course

• Unlimited buddy passes (maximum of 3 per round, your guest pays $20 more than the Resident Card rate)

• One free 15-minute lesson from one of our golf professionals

• 10% discount on merchandise

• Eligibility into monthly tournaments, open to Resident Cardholders only!

• Golf Carts are included in green fees on the Sands Course

• Complimentary Enrollment into Troon Rewards to redeem free golf at participating Troon Properties


Purchase Price - $169 + tax

Okanogan County only, proof of residence is required.
Only valid during the 2023 season.

**All golf green fees are subject to change and vary by time and day — rates are based on availability and demand. Blackout dates may apply.
Questions? Please call the golf shop at 509.436.8323.


2023 Resident Card Q&A

What are my rates as a Cardholder?
As a Resident Cardholder, we offer a 40% discount off the standard online rate, if you book within 5 days. So, for example, if the listed online price for a particular tee time is $200, your cardholder rate will be $120.   If the listed online price is $125, your cardholder rate will be $75.  All rates in 2023 will include power carts!

If you book between 6-30 days from the date of play, you will receive 15% off the standard online rate.

Because of this change from a fixed cardholder rate in 2022 to a discounted percentage rate in 2023, that means the restrictions for when you can use your Resident Card no longer apply.  You can now get the Cardholder rate at 9:00 AM on a Saturday morning if you wish (as long as that starting time is still available within the booking window).  Just keep in mind that weekend mornings typically come with our premium rates.

How do I use my free Quicksands round that is included with the purchase of a card program?  
The free Quicksands round can be used any time of day and on any day of the week. However, we still suggest that you call the golf shop ahead of time to make sure there aren’t any events or maintenance happening on a given day.

What are the restrictions of the Resident Card?
As stated above, we have changed the 2023 card to be applicable to ALL tee times, not just after 2:00 PM on weekends.  However, the FIVE-DAY booking window still applies, to get 40% off, and the 30-DAY booking window applies to get 15% off.  Any rounds booked outside of the 30-day Resident booking window will be charged the full public rate.

What are Buddy Passes?  How much do my guests pay when I use a buddy pass?  
In 2023, the buddy pass rate will be $20 more than the Cardholder rate for that particular day. You can use up to three buddy passes at a time.  There are no limits as to how many times you can bring guests and get the buddy pass rate, as long as it’s a maximum of three per round. If you have more than three guests that you want to bring on a given day (for example, a group of 12 players), please call the golf shop and we will discuss your options.

Do you have a tournament program that goes along with the card program?  
​We hold one-day tournaments open only to Resident Cardholders, usually on the last Tuesday of each month. In 2022, we changed the format each month, sometimes doing a skins game, sometimes doing a two-person best ball, etc.  We will come up with unique and fun formats throughout the year. These are net events, so players of all ability levels have a chance to win!

In addition, our final Resident cardholder event of the season, in September, will be considered the first-ever Gamble Sands Club Championship! We will have more information on this as the season progresses. 

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