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Traditional Caddie Services

Caddies go way back in the game of golf, and for centuries, not much changed. Lately, however, it seems like the golf cart ran over the caddie. While this may be true on the “condo canyons” of urban clubs, Gamble Sands is a completely different golf experience, one where strolling alongside a caddie feels as natural as the pristine setting of this special place.

Tour-Level Talent

The quality of the golf experience at Gamble Sands not only draws golfers from across the nation, it draws caddies, too. In fact, they’re all tour-level professionals; experts at the art and science of course management, not to mention sports psychology – something every golfer could use. They draw on their experience to guide golfers of all abilities around the course with a teamwork attitude that sets the stage for a rewarding day of golf.

Local Knowledge

Gamble Sands features true links golf with traditional fine fescue grasses. Among other links-specific tactics, this firm surface creates opportunities that wouldn’t normally occur to most golfers. In two examples on the Sands Course website page, designer, David McLay Kidd, demonstrates a rescue club from the rough as well as a 50-yard putt from the fairway.

“This fescue grass we’re playing on is rock hard, same as the greens,” he said in the 50-foot putt video. “These fairways probably run at seven on the Stimpmeter, the greens are running at nine or 10, there’s not that much difference.” Then, after knocking it to 10 feet, he cites an old truism in the game: “Your best chip doesn’t usually beat your average putt, even from 50 yards.”

The type of shot is one thing, where to hit it is another. The tee shot on No. 3 and approach on No. 13 are blind. It’s, obviously, very helpful to get a line in these situations. Plus, there’s quite a bit of movement to the firm landing areas – the ball doesn’t always stay where it lands.

Correctly reading the greens is a challenge on just about any golf course, especially unfamiliar layouts. The caddies at Gamble Sands have both the subtle and not-so-subtle breaks dialed in like AT&T. This gives golfers the confidence to make an aggressive run and more putts.

Relax and Take it All In

The sweeping views and landscapes are a spectacular sight to behold. All the more reason to relax and take it in – before you know it – you’ll be tapping in on the 18th en route to the “19th.” No need to waste time hastily raking bunkers and hustling across the green because you’re “still away” – enjoy the stroll instead.

Built for Walking

Whoever penned the quip “golf is a good walk spoiled,” never set foot on Gamble Sands. Like many of the course’s true-links characteristics, walking is a tip-of-the-hat to traditions dating back centuries. It is a seven-mile loop around the Sands Course, but given the unique setting, walker-friendly routing and caddie on the bag, it feels like much less.

First Time for Everything

If our argument for a caddie isn’t enough to persuade you to leave the cart in the barn, at least consider hiring one for the first round. We feel strongly that using a caddie dramatically enhances the overall experience at Gamble Sands.

Scope of Services Offered

  • Single Bag
    *plus gratuity
  • Double Bag
    *plus gratuity
  • Forecaddie Base Fee
    or an average $30- $45** per person, plus gratuity
Contact the Golf Shop at (509) 436-8323 to make your Gamble Sands experience a memorable one with one of our professional caddies!

**Payments and/or gratuities should be made directly to the caddie, and we ask that the tip is consistent with the level of service and knowledge provided.

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